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When I talk with residents and team members in any Vetter Senior Living setting, I see warmth, friendship, laughter, and beauty that speak of home to every unique person who lives with us. We provide the welcoming environment with tasteful décor, delicious meals, fun activities, and events, plus the compassionate care and companionship of exceptional professional caregivers. But the spirit of life comes from our residents. Their needs and expectations give us the reason for our existence.

Many years ago, Eldora and I decided we would embrace a personal mission to give the elderly members of our community a place to feel respected, secure, comfortable, and happy. It’s what they deserve after giving so much of themselves.

Today, our mission has become a very real and active guide representing values held deeply and honestly by every member of our team, from facility to home office, and it shows in the practical things we do each day. We captured these ideas in a mission statement, a series of vision statements and a written list of values that truly are the foundation of everything we do. They are distributed to new residents, families, and team members. They are referred to constantly to remind us that our actions and words should uplift each resident as a valued individual, a member of our family worthy of our love and respect.

I ask, no matter what your connection with Vetter Senior Living, that you read the words of our Mission, Vision and Values carefully and take them to heart.

With warm regards and a sincere commitment to service,
Chairman & CEO

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